Custom Pen & Ink Manufacturing Capabilities

Rosa Pen Corporation has been manufacturing pens, pencils, and pen parts for the writing instrument industry since 1925. Our expertise includes the development of manufacturing production equipment along with the techniques and quality control procedures required to consistently produce high quality writing instruments and parts.

In the early 1950's Rosa pioneered in manufacturing high production smooth writing ballpoint tips trademarked 'Spun-tip'. 

By the 1960's our deep rooted commitment to detail and consistent quality was rewarded with contracts from NASA to produce 'moon shafts', miniature precision parts that went to the moon with the Apollo astronauts. These high precision parts were produced on the same equipment used to produce our 'Spun-tip' ballpoint refills.

Our custom manufacturing capabilities enable us to create unique, one-of-a-kind pen products for your advertising and promotional programs. Take a look at our capabilities below and call us at 800-386-7367 to get your custom pen project started.

Ink Refill Manufacturing Capabilities

Our ink refill manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce custom pen refills to meet your specific requirements and/or solve specific problems.

  • Custom Pen Lengths & Shapes for specific applications such as flight recorder pens for military aircraft or chart recorder pens for various industrial applications.
  • Custom Inks: Over the years we have tested and worked with inks for permanent applications, underwater applications, temporary removable applications, invisible inks, developing inks, and perfumed inks for both the Industrial and consumer market. Orange, grape, and cherry perfumed inks were developed by us for use in pens used by Hasbro Toys and Bonne-Bell’s Smackers pens.
  • Test Writing Services are an important part of our quality control. We offer these services to importers and other pen manufacturers who need independent test and evaluation results regarding write out, goops, globs and skips. Blind comparison tests are conducted with up to 10 pieces in one write out.

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

ACE Rosa Pen has complete machine shop capabilities used to produce our own pen parts in house and to maintain and develop pen manufacturing equipment for ourselves and others.

  • Small Metal Stampings for mounting plates, nameplates and brackets.
  • Brazing & Soldering
  • Pen Staking & Assembly: Automatic assembly and staking operations for metal nose-tips and metal clips onto plastic pen parts.
  • Cutting, Sawing & Drilling
  • Die-Casting: Monogram letter, filigree wedding base, a custom Hallmark base, and a custom pen top for Cartier Jewelers are some examples of die-cast pen related items produced by us.

Plastic Injection Molding & Extrusions Operations

ACE Rosa Pen will evaluate your product design to determine the best and least expensive way to produce your custom pen parts. Depending upon your quantity requirements we may recommend molding, extrusion or fabricated plastic. 

The ‘Super-Tracker’ promotional pen for Federal Express was designed and produced by us from a sketch provided by their advertising agency. More than just an exterior design, the interior had to hold the refill and the two sides had to easily snap together. 

The advertising agency for Bristol-Myers was looking for a unique gift salesman could leave with their customers. After producing several prototypes, a pen base was designed by fabricating and drilling a cap from the actual product. Packaged in a clear plastic box.

Pen Decorating & Printing Operations

  • Roll-Hot Stamping enables us to decorate a pen barrel with multiple colors in one pass. The Smackers pen is an example of a six color logo. Minimum quantities for this process are 250,000 pieces.
  • Trademark Hot-Stamping is completed on our automatic assembly machines.
  • Silk-Screening & Offset Printing of logos on pen cylinders.
  • Pad Printing of names and logos on irregular shapes, clips, and pen tops.
  • Impress Hot-Stamping using our new computer to pen printer enables quick turn-around on low volume orders.

Pen Packaging Operations

Our packaging operations provide a key service that ACE Rosa Pen is able to offer for consumer product customers.

  • Blister Cards
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Poly Bagging Equipment
  • Private Label Boxes & Labels